Project: “Reconstruction and electrification of the railway line Dimitrovgrad – Svilengrad”, Position 1

Project description


The Project: “Reconstruction and electrification of the railway line Plovdiv – Svilengrad along corridors IV and IX, Phase 2: Parvomai – Svilengrad, Position 1 Reconstruction and electrification of the railway line Dimitrovgrad - Harmanli (from km 231+560 in the open section Yabalkovo – Dimitrovgrad to km 266+000 in the open section Simeonovgrad - Harmanli), including the stations Dimitrovgrad and Siemonovgrad and all stations and halts between them, with approximate length of the track of 36 km” is co-financed by Cohesion fund of the EU via Operational Programme “Transport” 2007-2013. The Contract value for design and construction of position 1 is 171 360 000,00 BGN with VAT included.

Sources of financing:

Ø  Cohesion fund of the EU: 98 417 759, 81 BGN.

Ø  National co-financing: 24 604 439, 95 BGN.

Ø  Co-financing from NRIC: 48 337 800, 24 BGN.


The contract is signed on 19 January 2012 and the construction commences on 15 February 2012.

Time for implementation: 30 months

Employer of the project is State Enterprise National Railway Infrastructure Company.

Managing Body of OP “Transport is Coordination of programmes and projects” Directorate at the Ministry of Transport, Information Technologies and Communications.


Contractor of the section is TERNA SA


Engineer under FIDIC and Supervisor is the international consortium with members Typsa, Systra, Rubicon Engineering, Trademco, Louis Berger.


Main goals of the Project are:


Ø  Reconstruction and electrification of the railway line Dimitrovgrad - Harmanli for speed of 160 km/h for conventional rolling stock and 200 km/h for tilting trains;

Ø  Increasing the comfort, security and safety of the railway transport;

Ø  Shortening the travelling time;

Ø  Reduced expenses for maintenance and operation;

Ø  Improving the environmental conditions in the region;

Ø  Increasing the quality of the transport system in Bulgaria;

Ø  Opportunity for development of the business in the region.



Approximate volume of the works for the Project:


Ø  Excavations – 2 200 000 m3.

Ø  Embankments – 1 255 000 m3.

Ø  Structuresexecution of 16 big railway bridges with length up to 200 m, 3 road overpasses, 3 road underpasses, 2 pedestrian overpasses and 5 pedestrian underpasses, 74 small structures (culverts, livestocks, agricultural underpasses and passages for wild animals)

Ø  Track: dismantling – dismantling 55 km of existing track & 73 turnouts and installation of 51 km of new track & 72 turnouts.

Ø  Electrification – approximately 60 km railway network

Ø  Design and construction of noise protection barriers

The measures for environmental protection are observed during the construction.


The project is conditionally implemented at three time stages:


Stage 1preparation, coordination and approval of technical designs. Submission of the design documentation for Construction Permit.

Stage 2construction

Stage 3testing and putting into operation after the completion of the construction activities


Geographically the project is separated into four sections:


Section Ithe area around Dimitrovgrad station

Section IIfrom the exit of Dimitrovgrad station to the entrance of Simeonovgrad station, including Nova Nadezhda station

Section III Simeonovgrad station to km 259+400

Section IVfrom km 259+400 to km 266+000



Date of publication: September 2013


Source: TERNA SA